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8.6.15 06:34 | 5 Guidelines to Follow For Everyday Carry
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5 Guidelines to Follow For Everyday Carry

So, where can you carry your everyday carry (EDC) items in day-to-day life? You need to know and follow your local laws.

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Here are some guidelines that can get you started.


Your workplace is a location where EDC seems to be a perfect fit. Ultimately, though, it will be up to your employer as to what they allow on the premises. While some allow EDC for items such as handguns, others deny even a small pocket knife. What is rarely, if ever, denied is a tactical pen, especially when it is not openly advertised as a self-defense tool.


The establishment—like a grocery store or restaurant—can determine what their policy is going to be regarding weapons on their property. Law dictates, however, that the shop must post a sign announcing their policy. However, locations rarely openly restrict the presence of other EDC items such as knives and OC spray. If caught violating the establishment’s policy, you can be asked to leave. Failure to do so can land you in legal trouble and a citation for trespassing.


Many cities and states have posted regulations against firearms in their parks. With the exception of some state and national forests where hunting is allowed, handguns are many times restricted. As in our previous section, there is rarely any posted limitations on other EDC items.


Most concert arenas as well as theaters have fairly strict bans on weapons on site. These even include knives and OC spray. Many of these venues have security on site that perform searches to verify that guests are unarmed prior to entering. This is also one area where there have been reports of even tactical pens being denied entry.


There are several places where weapons of any kind are never allowed. These include schools, federal buildings, airplanes and trains. These restrictive facilities have long been considered weapon-free zones. Everyday carry is serious business, and it is your responsibility to know where you are going and what you are carrying.

Source: realworldsurvivor

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