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12.10.10 10:03 | Turkey: Safety and Security Market Brief 2010
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Turkey: Safety and Security Market Brief 2010

 Market Overview
The total market for safety and security equipment and services in Turkey is estimated to be $3.63 billion in 2009. Physical security services, meaning private security guards, patrols, and security training services captured around $3 billion of the total market, electronic security methods $450 million, and cash in transfer services (C.I.T., cash and valuables) $180 million.

As these figures indicate, the safety and security sector in Turkey is heavily weighted towards physical security services, due to the advantages of comparatively lower labor costs in Turkey. It can be expected that as the Turkish economy advances further, a shift towards electronic security systems will take place.
This market brief focuses on the electronic security systems market segment in Turkey, 80 percent of which consists of imports.
In 2010, the electronic security systems market in Turkey is expected to grow around 15%, reaching 515 million dollars. Major suppliers to the Turkish market are from the U.S., Germany, the UK, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Italy and Canada.
In the less sophisticated security products sector, Turkey offers 100 percent local production of equipment like protective apparel, locks and lock subassemblies, steel doors, laminated safety glass, portable fire extinguishers, safes, safety vaults, alarms and security panels. In the case of more advanced production, primarily imported components are used.
Best Products/Services
All around the world, including Turkey, the U.S. electronic security products have set the standard, as most of the industry R&D and technological innovations are realized in the U.S.
Best prospects for U.S. companies include:
•Closed circuit television systems
•IP based surveillance systems
•Fiber optic cable or linear cable fire detection systems
•Biometrics applications
•Microwave detectors
•Anti-aggression and anti-hold-up devices
•Anti-shoplifting equipment
•Systems for automation of homes and buildings
•Remote positioning devices
•X-ray machines
•Forensics equipment
An important market trend in Turkey is the demand for integrated security solutions marketed by independent security consultants. These integrated solutions cover on-site and immediate response personnel, electronic security and alarm systems, and fire-related security all in one package. U.S. companies can find opportunities in the turnkey design of integrated security projects.

More: http://bit.ly/bksouq

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